Simply Water to Wine?

Revealing Christ’s Glory | The Life Saving Message of John 2:1-11

About the Book

Why did Jesus perform his miraculous signs and wonders?
Was it merely to bestow a physical blessing upon someone? Maybe it was to prove His divinity or to demonstrate His power. Was it, perhaps, to reveal God’s goodness, glory or grace? Undoubtedly, all of these results flowed from the miracles. But have we missed some other essential purpose?

John 2:11 describes Jesus’ miracle of changing water to wine during the wedding celebration at Cana as being the first of His “miraculous signs”. Dr. John MacArthur, president of the Master’s Seminary, suggests that “John uses the word “signs” here to refer to significant displays of power that pointed beyond themselves to the deeper divine realities that could be perceived by the eyes of faith.” What deeper divine reality was revealed by the miracle at Cana?

Jesus’ short public ministry was focused on a single purpose—that of declaring and providing the only way to eternal salvation for all mankind. Is it reasonable or likely that His first public act would not promote His life purpose? What was the deeper divine reality of Jesus’ provision of such a seemingly insignificant earthly blessing?

This thoughtful examination of the details described by John 2:1-11 will leave you amazed by the awesome, life changing message they present.

About the Author

Doug Emberley is a disciple of Jesus Christ, skillfully disguised as a mechanical engineer living and working in Alberta, Canada. He and his wife, Jeanette, have two grown children. This is his first adventure in the world of publishing.